Raku Firing

Lifefire hosts periodic Raku firings for potters and art enthusiasts alike.  Absolutely no experience is necessary, and raku is appropriate for all ages!  Raku refers to a Japanese process of firing that uses fire and smoke to create unique finished works of art.  To begin, a piece is thrown or hand-built and bisque fired.  On the day of the Raku, participants select their favorite pieces and glaze them with specific glazes that melt at about 1800 degrees.  The pieces are then placed in a propane powered kiln and fired until the glaze melts, then they are moved to a reduction can which contains combustable materials like hay or newspaper.  After the materials in the can catch fire, a lid is placed securely on the can, sealing the pottery inside.  This reduction in oxygen within the can, draws the oxygen from the wares and their glazes as well, creating the recognizable “raku look” of the finished piece.

Raku is for the unpredictable!  The term Raku itself means “ease” or “enjoyment” and after one firing, you’ll see why!  Glazes can be red in one firing and blue in another!  The thermal shockcan sometimes cause the entire piece to crack during the process, but the entire event is relaxing and the energy is always positive.

Raku is perfect for a family outing!  The theme of the day is community!  The entire process takes only a few hours, and you need no reservation to attend.  Firing begins at 10:00 a.m. and continues until the last piece is finished – usually late in the evening.  Each participant will bring a favorite snack to enjoy as we share together.  The firings are held at our home and studio at 2145 Prather Bridge Rd., Toccoa GA 30577.  We fire rain or shine on our scheduled days.